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All my bucks are written in Blue  and all my does are written in Pink.

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Welcome to Rolling Ribbon Rabbitry's site. My name is Destiny Anhalt and I live in southern and northern wisconsin. Here at my rabbitry I raise and specialize Flemish Giants and Rhinelanders.  Home of the 2011 WSRBA State Convention BOB and BOS Harlequin, also 2012 ARBA Convention Best of group Japanese Harlequin!

My little trooper...

Show's I plan to attent:

Central Wi RC- Nov 10




About me:

Im 15 and I have been rasing rabbits for about 8 years now. I have had holland lops, New Zealand , mini rex, rex, and Lion Head just to name a few. I am a member of WSRBA, and  ARBA.  Other things I like to do besides showing rabbits is fishing, Showing Cattle, FFA, snowmobiling, sports, and  4-wheeling. (Picture of me and my best friend Ashlyn to the left (left me) (right ashlyn))

 I just wanted to give a little reconization to Cynders, the very first rabbit I ever got and truly one of the best. I got her back in 2004 at the Dodge County Fair and has gotten many awards among her many trips to the table ending in 2010. I thought 9 was a good retirement age. She will be having her 12 birthday this up coming May.  She's still going strong and proud.


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